Age Calculator

When we answer the question of how old I am, sometimes we have to. Because the calculation of the difference between the year we are calculating age and the year we were born, the subject sometimes confuses our minds. If you take a day in the case of deducted, I wonder when you get in front of questions such as the day you can use this page to respond comfortably.

How to calculating age ?

Age is a unit of time determined by the year, which is used to describe the time until birth. We start life at the age of 0 (zero), 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, at the end of the 12th month we enter our first age. The birth date was invented by mankind to celebrate when his dearer entered his new age.

The subject to be considered in this account is: The age we take in the current year, the days you have ended up from birth to now, are expressed as age.

Sample age calculation; Born on November 16, 1988, the age of one born on 25 April 2017 is 28, not 29. The age of the patients was 28 and the age at the day was 29 years. The age at which the day is taken is the age that begins to be filled and is filled at the age of 28 when the person is born. Later, the cycle of taking a new age day started.

Do Officials consider taking the day or the age at which they are filled?

This issue is clarified by official announcements. For example, the announcement given for the applicants for the April 2017 age criterion may include the following: yaş Not to be in the age of 24 years ad In this case, in 1993, the 1993 birthdays of 24 years of age cannot participate. People who were born after April are also genius. For example, someone born on November 18, 1993 is not yet 24 years old by April.