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Add/subtract days from any date

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Date calculations are known as one of the most difficult calculations for many people. Because, as it is known, in order to add days to the date, it is necessary to know the details such as how many months take and from which date the additions will be made. That's why many people prefer to do it manually when they want to add days to any date. In the calculations to be made manually, the number of days in the month is found first, then the calculation is done by proceeding step by step from the current time period. Although this process is quite difficult, unfortunately, after the slightest mistake to be made, it will cause different results, so people may have to perform the operations again. However, the calculations to be made on this subject will be carried out in an easier way than before.

Calculate the difference between two dates

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The total time between two dates is calculated according to calendar dates as year, month, week, day, hour and minute. This is included in the calculation in leap years. Total day duration is again the total number of full calendar days between two dates. Total Month duration corresponds to the whole number subtracted from the total number of days divided by 30, and the number of days remaining after the whole number of months corresponds to the remainder in the division. The end date is not included in the calculations. For this reason, if you want to include an end date, you can calculate it as +1 day. For example, the number of days between March 21 and March 25 is 4, not 5. Also, if you want to find out what date is 5 years from now or 5 years ago, you can use our simplified calculator below.

Where to Use Calculation Between Two Dates?

You can use the calculation tool between two dates in many areas; Calculating the total duration of a project, the time elapsed since a historical event in the past, the time remaining to a date target you set in the future, in order to find out the total time you have worked and will work at a workplace, in calculating the time elapsed since the year you met your lover or the total time to pass in the year you will marry You can use the calculation tool on topics you are curious about.